• Z. Shamsudin
  • A.H. Razali
  • F.H. Suzaim
  • Z. Mustafa
  • T.A. Rahim
  • A. Hodzic Engineering for Environment Ltd, S17 3PY, Sheffield, United Kingdom.


The effect of treatment condition cockle shell (CS) on physical properties, phases and morphology behaviour of CS filler/recycled soda lime silicate glass (rSLSG) composite were investigated. The CS filler was prepared at drying condition and calcined at temperature of 800 °C and 1000 °C before subjected to the direct sintering process. The crystalline phases present in the treated samples of CS fller and composite were identified by X-ray diffraction (RIGAKU MINIFLEX II) and was observed that CaO fully precipitated when the calcination temperature was increased to 1000 °C and quartz phases predominate at high volume glass content. The tested samples were characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and confirmed hydrogen bond affected densification of CS/rSLSG composite. This composite was tested using physical testing and results revealed that the average of porosity, water absorption, and bulk density was a function of calcination temperatures. Scanning electron microscope shows observation on CS filler revealed that the treatment condition led the phase separation of the cluster interconnected before the skeleton crystals shape formed at 1000 °C. The findings concluded that the suitable composition for CS filler loading was 30 wt.% and can be controlled for building material applications.


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