Architecture of Reconfigurable Conveyor System in Manufacturing System

  • N.R. Mohamad
  • A.A. Abdul Rahman
  • B.M. Bali Mohamad
  • M.A.A. Rahman
  • F.A. Jafar
  • M.R. Muhamad
  • M.H.F. Md Fauadi


In today’s global competition, a concept of reconfiguration is required for a company to stay competitive in manufacturing industries. The conveyor system is one of material handling system that commonly used in production. This paper aimed to propose an integrated system architecture for Reconfigurable Conveyor System to support the frequent changes of customer demand in a manufacturing system. The PC-based controller is used for the communication between the controllers in the main system controller and sub-system controller by using a PROFIBUS interface and Local Area Network (LAN) cables. The proposed architecture will be validated by using the physical Reconfigurable Conveyor System in the future work.


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