Integrated Management System for Quality Management System Accreditation

  • H. Muzaimi
  • S. R. Hamid
  • B. C. Chew


Over the years, Environment Management System ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 are considered as the additional requirements dedicated to the management after Quality Management System ISO 9001 has been implemented. The integration of these management systems leads to the existence of Integrated Management System (IMS) that largely implemented. Nowadays, the increasing pressure and needs from customer or stakeholders make it compulsory for the organization to use the new system for standards. This study presents and discusses about the factors of integration, the components of the management system that converged and diverged; and the implementation strategy of IMS. Furthermore, in order to support the details in the framework, qualitative method was used which is through five (5) in-depth interviews with the senior managers and middle managers who are experts in this field. As a result, this research illustrated on how the IMS could be implemented for better quality management and towards sustainability practices in the organization.


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