• M.Y. Yuhazri
  • M.H. Amirhafizan
  • M.S. Tahkims
  • Rusman .


Natural fibre in composite material is one of the most researched areas today. An experimental investigation was conducted to explore mechanical properties of jute fabric laminated for pipe shape structure composite. In this study, the composite was made using jute fabric that acted as a reinforcement and polyester resin as its matrix. The jute pipe composite was fabricated using hand lay-up technique and followed by vacuum bagging technique. The jute pipe shape structure was fabricated with 1 ply fabric (S/N1) until 5 ply jute fabric (S/N5). The improvement of tensile strength was found at S/N3 and S/N4 with approximately 54.80 % increment compared to S/N1. Hence, improvement of the composite strength was noted when the fibers were gradually added into the composites and homogeneously distributed throughout the composites. However, the mechanical properties were lessened as the number of jute mat layers increased from 1 to five layers of jute fabric (S/N 5). The results of this study indicated that the mechanical properties of jute laminated pipe shape structure composite with four layer of jute mat (S/N 4) at 56.47 % appeared as the most potentially improved properties compared to S/N 1. The findings may facilitate improvements in utilizing the natural fibre for structure materials.


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