Microscopic Study on the Natural Rubber with Different Carbon Loadings under Compression: SMR CV-60 AND ENR 25

  • I.R.A. Rosszainily
  • M.A. Salim
  • M.T. Musthafah
  • A. Md. Saad


This study presents the microscopic investigation related to the effects of compression on the local natural rubber (NR): the standard Malaysian rubber constant viscosity-60 (SMR CV-60) and the epoxidized natural rubber 25% mole (ENR 25) at four different carbon loadings (0, 20, 40 and 60 pphr). The surface morphology of both NR was studied by using scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results showed that a packed and folded surface was observed on the SMR CV-60 while a crumpled surface was observed on the ENR 25. However, the packed and folded and the crumpled surfaces were decreased as the carbon loading in NR compound was increased. It also showed that the applied compression does not exhibit any significant effects on both compound since the damages only found on the outer layer of rubber surface. The experimental value shows that the NR deflection in response to the compression is reduced as the carbon loading increase. The SMRCV60/0 and ENR25/0 have recorded the highest deflection due to the compression. Meanwhile, the SMRCV60/60 and the ENR25/60 has recorded the lowest deflection under the compression. Through this study, it is found that the compression force does not contribute to the NR compound failure.


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