On Buckling of Cylindrical Shells Under Combined Loading

  • M. Gheisari Islamic Azad University - Khomein Branch, Iran
  • A. Nezamabadi Islamic Azad University - Arak Branch, Iran
  • P. Khazaeinejad Brunel University London


This paper presented an analytical investigation of the buckling behavior of cylindrical shells under a combined action of thermal and mechanical loadings based on the general form of Green’s strain tensor in curvilinear coordinates. While the shell was subjected to lateral pressure, it was assumed to be under either a uniform temperature increase or a uniform temperature gradient. A dimensionless load interaction parameter was considered to express the ratio of thermal and mechanical loads. The system of governing equations was derived using the harmonic series and was optimized with respect to harmonic numbers to find the critical buckling loads of the cylindrical shells. Results were calculated for both the Donnell and Green-types of kinematic nonlinearity. Comparison studies showed that both types of kinematic nonlinearity predicted the same critical buckling loads for thin cylindrical shells whereas for moderately thick cylindrical shells, the latter type of kinematic nonlinearity predicted higher critical buckling loads than the former type of kinematic nonlinearity.


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Author Biographies

M. Gheisari, Islamic Azad University - Khomein Branch, Iran
Mohsen is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Islamic Azad University - Arak Branch.
A. Nezamabadi, Islamic Azad University - Arak Branch, Iran
Alireza is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Islamic Azad University - Arak Branch. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Islamic Azad University - Science and Research Branch. His research interest and expertise are analysis of plates and shells and fracture mechanics.
P. Khazaeinejad, Brunel University London
Payam is a Research Fellow in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at Brunel University London. He received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh. His research interest and expertise lie in the field of structural and computational mechanics.


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